Gianfranco Ferré Spring 2011

Had to share these gorgeous dresses. The second one is my favorite, I think it's a bit more flattering.

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Brioni Spring 2011

So what did I like most from this collection? the shorts! So cool, I definitely want those for spring and summer.

I also just wanted to say that I've been receiving more comments on my posts which is great! It makes me really happy that people are interested in what I'm writing since I'm still learning about blogging and always wondering what I could improve. Thank you!

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Francesco Scognamiglio Spring 2011

I think the pieces I like from this collection are the ones that are the most "normal". I usually prefer the more wearable clothes which can have lace, ruffles or cut-outs just not all of those things at the same time. I get kind of confused when I see it all at once, but those more extravagant pieces are still nice to look at on the runway or red carpet on the right person.

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I've been wanting to buy these for a while now:Too cute! They're called Me Too "Linda" flats, and it was love at first sight.

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D&G bag

Such a cool bag. It's from the fall 2010 collection.
I saw it in a magazine where the fair isle print on the front was a bit clearer, so I'm going to try to find a picture like that and then I'll post that as well.

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Jason Wu spring 2011

Okay so I have already looked through this whole collection at least 10 times and it makes me smile every time i do.There are so many beautiful pieces it was difficult to choose just a few looks to put on here. Such a great collection!

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Tommy Hilfiger spring 2011

And now I want... many things from this spring collection:And I just had to add a close up of the shoes:

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Carlos Miele Spring 2011

My three favorite looks from Carlos Miele at Fashion Week.

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Versace Resort 2011

Usually when looking through Versace collections I can't find too many outfits that are my style, but from this Resort 2011 collection I really want:
1. This shirt:2. This dress:3. This whole outfit:
4. And my favorite, this pretty white dress:
Someone please tell me how to make a lot of money so I can buy these things without having to think twice. (or if anyone wants to give them to me...thats fine too!)

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Atelier Versace Fall 2010

Both this and the next post are going to be about Versace. There are some fantastic dresses in this Atelier Versace Fall 2010 collection but if I had to pick which one I would want to own, it would be this one:I love the details, the color and the dramatic skirt.


"Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady" By Derek Blasberg.
I saw a few pages of this book here and it seems like it is really funny to read, but also has some good tips. Here is a description i found on amazon:
"If you’ve ever wondered how to climb the social ladder with grace, how to feel confident in every situation, or even how to make a lasting impression (but not the kind that lands you on the latest “Worst Dressed List”)—Derek Blasberg is here, with quotes and secrets from all the socialites so girls everywhere can learn how to have class. This hilarious handbook will provide everything you need to know about fashion, socialising, dating, and etiquette. With tons of practical tips and tools for learning to flaunt what you’ve got, dozens of specific how-tos, common no-nos, and huge blunders that even smart girls make, this tongue-in-cheek book will train you to be a lady, and not a tramp! "
You can buy it here


I can't wait to watch the second season! My best dressed at the season 2 premiere party were Jenna Ushkowitz and Jayma Mays. Both of them wore really great dresses.

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