White shirt and jeans no.4

Fun colors for the warmer weather. A cardigan like this one can be found at almost any shop and is usually not too expensive, which is the same case for the scarf. Just buy lots of different colors and then wear them one at a time or mix and match : )

Miu miu heels and a love of mine

I was in Paris for three days and made this picture in the Galeries Lafayette. I walked passed and told myself not to go inside but then I saw these shoes in the window and they're so pretty! I haven't found them online anywhere to buy yet but I'll keep looking.

Then from shoes to something completely different; they had 5kg jars of Nutella : O I read on other sites that people really like Nutella, but I honestly think there isnt anyone that loves it as much as I do. It's pretty much what I live off of... breakfast, lunch, after dinner, late night snack.. everyday for about 18 years now...(Im 20 years old by the way)

Loewe Amazona Bag

Elegant and casual at the same time.

The pink one is available from Mytheresa.com
The other colours and many more at Loewe online shop

Love Birds

So cute! There are a few different colours and prints.
buy here

Bailey Katherine Designs

What a cool idea! Its a necklace made with your own (or someone elses) fingerprint!
It's available in gold and silver and a few different sizes.

Buy here

Kate Spade Wallet

I like that you can see everything at once instead of having cards, coins etc. in different compartments where you have to close one to get to the other. Then of course I also like the different colour inside.

You can buy it here.

It's also available in green/blue, black/beige and pink/orange (see picture below).
I actually keep changing my mind about which colour I like most.


Just wanted to post these images from Allure magazine with looks that I really like.

images from here

Jason Wu

Another lace dress like in the last post. So pretty!

Christian Dior

Really like these dresses and skirts!images via here
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