Miu miu heels and a love of mine

I was in Paris for three days and made this picture in the Galeries Lafayette. I walked passed and told myself not to go inside but then I saw these shoes in the window and they're so pretty! I haven't found them online anywhere to buy yet but I'll keep looking.

Then from shoes to something completely different; they had 5kg jars of Nutella : O I read on other sites that people really like Nutella, but I honestly think there isnt anyone that loves it as much as I do. It's pretty much what I live off of... breakfast, lunch, after dinner, late night snack.. everyday for about 18 years now...(Im 20 years old by the way)

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Chris McEntee said...

Yeah, those are nice, I actually think I like the green ones most (of course not for me). Nice pictures as well, since you made them yourself!

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