Lovely cards

Found these cards in four different Etsy shops.

Buy card 1, 2, 3, 4

White shirt and jeans no.3

Another look:

White Massachusetts Ribbed Tee, American Vintage, size: S, 37 GBP
Saw Plateau leather pumps, $500
Rose Gold Wishbone, $700
Disney Couture Tinkerbell egg ring, $54

Aviators and saw plateau pumps to match the leather jacket. Keeping the rest light with the necklace and a pearl ring (and also wearing heels) to still make it balanced and feminine.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Unexpected stripes on the back. I'm instantly attracted to anything with stripes on it. Clothes, wallpaper, rugs etc. I want it all! The other day I mentioned "I like that girls' sweater" (it had stripes) to my boyfriend and he immediately sed "yes I know you do." I don't even have to mention it anymore, people know about my obsession.
I think I might also have to steal my boyfriends striped shirt to wear myself. He's a lot taller than I am, I'm 5 ft 1 so anyone is taller than me really, but thats not gonna stop me from taking it!

"Holly Sea Scout" Striped wool-cotton Pullover.
Buy here

Gift Idea

I'm the kind of person that finds things that I could give to people as presents before I actually need one for someone. I think it would be a good idea to post the ideas here that way I wont forget them, and you can use them too : )

So here is an idea for a friend that is getting married:
This cute collection of nail polishes. Its the Wedding collection 2010 by Essie and you can get this set of 4 which includes these colours (with adorable names):

"petal pink - a sweet and subtle creamy pink
walk down the aisle - a fresh and creamy white
show me the ring - an iridescent pearl
main squeeze - a shimmering lilac cream"

Buy here

Shashi Gold Nugget Bracelet

Lots of colours to choose from.
Buy here. (also available in white gold nugget version)

Olia Designs

Today I found some pretty earrings online and found out they're from a jewelry designer in NYC called Olia. Her designs are really unique and what is also special about her jewelry is that she uses a lot of gemstones along with other materials. She then has a 'gemipedia' on her site which explains what all the stones are for. This way you can choose which one would suit you best. It also says on her site

"She uses reiki to evoke the magic in her jewelry. Reiki teaches that each object, person and element has a certain vibration, and while we do not perceive these vibrations, they do impact us. Olia clears the stones and uses reiki to enhance the energy of her jewelry, so that each piece can transfer its positive attributes to the wearer. As a result, each and every piece of Olia's collection is an original with its own enchanting personality"

Here are some of my favorite pieces in the collection:

1. 'Sprout' earrings
2. 'Gravity earrings'
3. 'Love drop gold necklace'
4. 'Wrapped ring'

Some of the jewelry is available in more than one kind of gemstone, so you can click which one you would like to have for your piece. An example is the 'wrapped ring'. It is available in Labradorite and Citrine(the one pictured above).

Summer Wardrobe

J.Crew - Vintage bateau top (dark pewter), $36
SADIE Chino-Hose in Hellgrau, 80 EUR
Women's AE Painted Denim Shorties (Dark Antique), $30
Teja one-shouldered bikini, $550
Snake Hard Case Box Clutch, 20 GBP
Long Faceted Amber Earrings in Rose Gold, $2,680
Exquisite Vintage Ted Lapidus Paris Pink Gold Sunglasses, 125 GBP
Eugenia Kim for Target® Straw Fedora with Black/White Trim , $50

As you can tell from this, I like neutral colours and then adding colourful accessoires. This way its easy to combine all the pieces with each other but still have different looks. and the pastel colors were nice in spring but also now for summer.

1. Shorts
2. White dress
3. different color cardigans
4. different color shirts
5. Bigger bag to use during the day or to bring to the beach, and a colourful clutch for at night.
6. Striped shirt - I already own 5 but can never have enough
7. Bikini/swimsuit
8. Chinos
9. Romper
10. Hat - protect your hair from the sun
11. Short trench coat
12. Jewelry, sunglasses, belts etc. In as many colors as possible

White shirt and jeans no.2

Here is the second look of the series:

Avedon mid-rise skinny jeans, $165
Flower Thong Sandal - Blue, $356 (here's a cheaper alternative, but only 1 pair left)
Intrecciato pattern tote, $1,820 (here's a cheaper alternative, for $88, by Kenneth Cole)
braided belt, $19,50
Nail Polish - Chinatown, $16
Flutter fold shell 26011- J.Crew, $68

Some of the items used in this look are expensive and I would never be able to afford them, (I wish I could buy that Cartier bracelet...) but I think it shouldn't be too difficult finding pieces that are similar to these and more affordable. This is just a casual look for every day. Depending on what you like you can use a gold or dark blue nail polish, I personally like the red one in the picture to make it not too matchy and still look fun. The blue shoes could also be swapped for white ones or the gold flats from the last White Shirt and Jeans look.

White Shirt and Jeans no.1

So this is a little series to show a few different things I've wanted for a while now, combined with jeans and a simple white shirt. Anything goes with this and you can go for any look you want.
I'll do 5 of these posts, here is the first one:

I really like the Givenchy flats and mint green Pilgrim necklace. Then add a yellow bag like the Mulberry Alexa bag, light pink lipstick/gloss and pink,coral or nude nail polish.

Preen Resort 2011

This has everything I like, it looks simple but has nice drape,twist and cut out details. I like the blue black and white combinations and the use of sheer fabric.
O and also.. those shoes! seen them before in other preen collections and I want them!

images from here

More McCartney

So I wrote about these Stella McCartney wedges, but in every collection she makes there are items that i would love to own. Here are a few from three different collections.

Images from here, here and here
Buy first dress here

Miu miu dress

It has already been used on several magazine covers... now I want it too...

image from here
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