White shirt and jeans no.2

Here is the second look of the series:

Avedon mid-rise skinny jeans, $165
Flower Thong Sandal - Blue, $356 (here's a cheaper alternative, but only 1 pair left)
Intrecciato pattern tote, $1,820 (here's a cheaper alternative, for $88, by Kenneth Cole)
braided belt, $19,50
Nail Polish - Chinatown, $16
Flutter fold shell 26011- J.Crew, $68

Some of the items used in this look are expensive and I would never be able to afford them, (I wish I could buy that Cartier bracelet...) but I think it shouldn't be too difficult finding pieces that are similar to these and more affordable. This is just a casual look for every day. Depending on what you like you can use a gold or dark blue nail polish, I personally like the red one in the picture to make it not too matchy and still look fun. The blue shoes could also be swapped for white ones or the gold flats from the last White Shirt and Jeans look.

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Mortira said...

I love your use of Polyvore, and your picks! I can't wait to see more in this series.

You've inspired me to add a whole new fashion element to my blog. Thank you, and keep it up!

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