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Today I found some pretty earrings online and found out they're from a jewelry designer in NYC called Olia. Her designs are really unique and what is also special about her jewelry is that she uses a lot of gemstones along with other materials. She then has a 'gemipedia' on her site which explains what all the stones are for. This way you can choose which one would suit you best. It also says on her site www.oliadesigns.com:

"She uses reiki to evoke the magic in her jewelry. Reiki teaches that each object, person and element has a certain vibration, and while we do not perceive these vibrations, they do impact us. Olia clears the stones and uses reiki to enhance the energy of her jewelry, so that each piece can transfer its positive attributes to the wearer. As a result, each and every piece of Olia's collection is an original with its own enchanting personality"

Here are some of my favorite pieces in the collection:

1. 'Sprout' earrings
2. 'Gravity earrings'
3. 'Love drop gold necklace'
4. 'Wrapped ring'

Some of the jewelry is available in more than one kind of gemstone, so you can click which one you would like to have for your piece. An example is the 'wrapped ring'. It is available in Labradorite and Citrine(the one pictured above).

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