Wahhh... just too cute. This is Buddy read more about him here. The site also has good information about dachshunds. I can't wait until I have enough space, money to get my own, but I want to wait until I am sure I can take good care of it.


Afrodite said...

Omg! What a cute little pup!!!

I want a pug puppy soooo bad .. but yet again, my parents stand in the way of my crazy idea :p

Well there are still 2 things to say.. I absolutely love the title of your blog, because that's my reaction everytime I see something I like :D! Really smart one there!

And the 2nd thing... I found your blog on 'Be In Style' and I liked it so I thought I might add it to my blog roll.. and well: I did :)!

xxxo Afrodite


and.now.i.want.it said...

I'm glad you like my blog : )

I really love the lay out and design of yours!!
I added you to my blogroll as well, definitely gonna keep reading it : )

x Wendy

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