Continuing with make up from the last post, I don't know how long I've been searching for a nice lipstick to buy.
I like lipgloss but for everyday wear and going to university it feels like it is just a bit too much and the stickiness is kind of annoying. So I want a lipstick in a color that I can wear every day and is not too obvious or bright.
I decided to look through almost all the swatches on Temptalia because they have really good examples and reviews. I think I have found some that I'm going to buy. hopefully they will look nice since they are all not the cheapest options.

1. Chanel - Mythic
Looks like a sheer nude lipstick, I think this would work really well for everyday wear.2. Chanel - Naive
More pink but still subtle.3. Cle de Peau - #124
4. Shiseido - PK327 Perfect Rouge Sheer

As you can see they're all pink or nude shades. I won't buy all of them at once but maybe try them one at a time. Now I'll start looking for that perfect red lipstick for the holidays.

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