J. Mendel spring 2011

So it's a new year and hopefully one with a lot of new posts. I've been so busy in December with studying for my exams that it didn't leave me with any time to write anything on my blog. Im glad I have some more time again now though so I can get back to posting regularly.

When I first saw these two looks from the J.Mendel spring 2011 collection I didnt really like them that much but seeing Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum wearing them really changed my mind. They both look so pretty in these looks and styled them really well.They used a different dress in this picture than the one I put at the top of the post to show the one Taylor is wearing but these two are so similar that I'm not completely sure which one it is. I'm gonna go with the first picture though since the skirt is the same and the side where the fabric crosses.

images: here, here and here

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